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The first and unique New Zealand-made Limoncello Cream

Limoncello Cream is one of the specialities of Sicilian cuisine and this recipe has been used in our family for generations.


Limoncello Cream begins with a burst of intense lemon essence that changes to a rich creamy finish.


Enjoy at the end of a meal or during the heat of summer afternoons. Any time is a good time for enjoying the delights of a delicious and frozen-cold glass of Limoncello Cream. 


Use Sovrano Limoncello Cream as an ingredient: in the preparation of desserts, to enhance the flavour of any cake and to sprinkle over strawberries, ice cream or your favourite dessert.


Made with the best New Zealand lemons, milk and entirely natural flavouring.


Nothing could be simpler, nothing could be better.

#1 on the world’s top-100 premium Cream Liqueur list

Sovrano Limoncello Cream

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