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Sovrano Limoncello Original is best enjoyed icy cold from the freezer after your meal as a digestive or a palate cleanser.


The bright aromatics of fresh Kerikeri lemons begin your journey. 


At first sip, there is both fire and ice at the same time. Next, our zesty lemon flavour emerges to dominate your palate, then linger with a fresh and alive lemon essence, finishing with a gentle honey sweetness.


Limoncello can also be used for Cocktails and Desserts to enrich and delight the senses.


“Cloudy yellow pearl colour. Bright fresh lemon zest aromas with a plush, fruity sweet medium-full body and a long intensely concentrated and pure 3-D lemon and honey finish. A monumental Limoncello ” 

- Chicago Beverage Tasting Institute 2010

Sovrano Limoncello

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