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  • Where is Limoncello sovrano made?
    Sovrano Limoncello is made in Kerikeri, Bay of Islands. Using only fruits from the area. Promoting the "Zero km role"to support local products and minimise carbon emission for transport of the fruits.
  • How old is Sovrano Limoncello recipe?
    We are following our 5 generation family recipe, originated from the Sicily, Italy.
  • Is Sovrano Limoncello 100% natural?
    Yes, Sovrano Limoncello is proud to only use 100% natural products, our products are free of artificial ingredients.
  • How long does Limoncello Original and Limoncello Cream last?
    Sovrano Limoncello Traditional never expires, the colouring over time might fade as the product is 100% natural. Keep in the freezer nice and cold, always ready to be drank Sovrano Limoncello Cream has a shelf life of 18 months, place in the freezer after you open it.
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